Who Can Play Squash




Anybody can play the game of squash as long as you have the enthusiasim and interest. Squash participants vary in age from 3 years old to 90 years old.

For the Young Hearted

–       As an adult it is an advantage to have an eye for the ball. If not one can start by bouncing the ball on the racket

–       Progression from here would be to start gently hitting the ball against the wall. Close to the front wall at first and gradually moving further back towards the middle of the court

–       Fitness is also an advantage but this will also start to come the more often you play.

–       Once you feel comfortable with hitting the ball straight back to yourself you can progress to the next step of hitting off the side and back wall and starting to volley (not letting the ball bounce on the floor)

–       Next progression is to find a partner of a similar strength to get on the court with you. Two players of a similar strength can have a very vigorous and fun game.

–       Once you have progressed to actually having rallies and a lot of fun one could look at getting some professional advice from a local coach.

–       As with the very young children don’t worry too much when starting about technique and style. Hit the ball and have fun. The rest will come the better you get.