Craig's Squash Bag

Advise given by : Craig van der Wath (Current World O45 Champion)

1. A racket that is properly strung and gripped
2. Ideally a spare which is nearly the same as your preferred racket
3. Spare grip for each racket
4. At least 2 new squash balls – often a match requires you to start with a brand new ball. Make sure that you
use the correct ball for your area / standard of play
5. Sweat band for your head and or wrist
6. Towel
7. Protective eyewear if a junior or if playing doubles
8. Playing kit : –
• skirt / shorts / skorts
• comfortable shirt + a spare
• comfortable underwear / (sports bra if necessary) – hungry undies really irritate during a match
• correct fitting non-marking squash shoes (preferably gum soles) slops or shoes to arrive in and wear home – squash shoes should not be worn outside at all as it brings the dirt into the courts and also makes your shoes slippery
9. Toiletries – for showering after your match
10. Mini first aid kit – to include plasters, something to stop bleeding like Vaseline or zambac, muscle rub (arnica oil or deep heat)
11. Small pair of scissors – cutting of grips or plaster
12. Insulation tape – for fixing a lose grip or bumper that could be dangerous
13. Waterbottle – Make sure you keep hydrated during every game. Saves time if you have the water court side
14. Skipping rope – great for warming up before the game
15. Last but not least – YOUR “A” GAME !!!